The Old Swing Bridge in Surf City NC

Summer is almost over and it won’t be long before the landscape is going to change drastically in Surf City North Carolina.  I for one have mixed feelings. I will miss the beauty and the charm of The Old Swing Bridge but at the same time as I wait in traffic with just  a quick trip to do, it is me who wishes the new bridge was already done. I heard  construction will be about four years.  The fate of the Old Bridge is still uncertain. I would love to see it added to Soundside Park where we will see it and can walk on it, maybe take a fishing pole. Reality of course is that the upkeep would probably be expensive.
What do you think?

​This article in Our State Magazine is a beautiful read about the story of the Old Swing Bridge.

Starting in October the construction will begin. Here is a rendition of the New Bridge.