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We are Eric and Paula Jones and we live in Clermont Florida. We migrated here in the early 80’s and watched our little town explode with growth over the years. After our sons graduated high school they both joined the USMC. To escape empty nest syndrome and the crazy growth in Clermont we moved to NC in late 2005. Clermont has always been home to us. In 2017 we moved back home. Our favorite pastime is being with our grandchildren and luckily our love for coffee helps us to have the energy to keep up with them.

As I sit here drinking a cup of my Fresh Roasted, Fresh Ground Coffee all I can think to type here is ..We Love Coffee! Too many years ago to admit we started reading about coffee..the history, the growing process, the difference in the beans, the roasting process and the necessary steps to get it to our cup. The more we read the more we wanted to share this love of coffee with the world. Please check out our blog for more information on why we selected air roasting.

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