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We are Matthew and Aleah; we live in Sayre, Pennsylvania. We spend our time with our kids playing in the lake in the summer and snow in the winter.

The company was born on the North Carolina coast, where it has a deep history of pirates.  Eric and Paula founded this on a passion for good coffee and the experience it brings. With a love for history and coffee came the name Pirates Brew Coffee. The business was passed to us to keep in the family because we share their love for coffee and understand the experience each cup gives. 

After 20 years in the Marine Corps, we moved back up north to Pennsylvania to be with family, back to our roots.  Coffee is not just coffee, Pirates Brew Coffee is made to be enjoyed, so we take the time to roast every bag so you can enjoy and share in the love of coffee.

Please check out our blog for more information on why we selected air roasting.

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