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Hello Pirates! It’s our first blog in awhile!                                                                                                                    July 1, 2017

The Captain’s blog:

It’s been awhile so I wanted to post a blog to give a little more story behind our coffee.  Get to know us and the love that we put into that gold bag of locally  fresh roasted coffee we have put out into the world, Pirate’s Brew Coffee.

We started out just like you- we LOVE coffee. I have always been interested in my coffee more than just the taste but learning about where it comes from and how it’s made. My love of coffee runs deep and anyone who knows me knows this. It’s always been our dream for as long as I can remember to open our own coffee shop and roast our own coffee.  Look at us….following our dreams! A quirk that has followed me around since my first cup of coffee is that I’m very particular about how my coffee should taste and be made. It’s that drive and (a little perfectionism) that brought on Pirate’s Brew Coffee. I get the coffee beans from places like Peru, Indonesia, Columbia, and Africa and then I roast them myself (my shop smells amazinnnnggg). I get to be in control of the whole process and make sure it stays as natural as possible while being as fresh as it can be.  I love the idea that when someone orders from me- their bag of coffee is roasted just for them- those beans start in their most natural state and I do the rest myself to control the taste, strength, and freshness. Not many people get a cup of coffee literally that fresh. We take immense pride in being able to offer that. We also get to drink amazingly fresh coffee everyday so we are happy and caffeinated people. (we offer decaf too though)

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The coffee lovers in charge,

Eric & Paula Jones


The big news this month is that we’ve got Keurig compatible single serve cups now! So here’s a little recipe for a nice iced coffee this summer using one of our new single serve cups…

ice cubes
half & half or creamer and sugar (based on personal preference)
chocolate syrup
whipped cream

1.) Fill a glass or mason jar with ice.

2.) Pop one of our Pirate’s Brew Coffee single serve cups into the Keurig and make a cup and brew a cup using the 6oz setting.

3.)Poor the coffee into the glass with ice slowly
Add a lot or little of half & half or creamer, and a little bit of sugar, depending on how much coffee taste you want.

3.)Add a few good squirts of chocolate syrup.


****Top with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate if you want to make it extra fancy!